MORE ABOUT THE Trip to marfa, tx

MAH Igniter Circle member, Lorri Kershner, offers a weekend stay at her home in premier contemporary art destination, Marfa, Texas. 

For those new to Marfa: it is a beautiful, art-filled place at the western edge of Texas. The small town of about 2,000 residents has achieved almost mythic status in the past five years thanks to an influx of art institutions, stores, and visitors who have decamped there looking for something simpler. Snuggled in a vast expanse of desert, nearly 20 miles from the next town and some 200 from the nearest major airport, the place is the subject of much modern lore—people return awestruck from the tours of the Chinati Foundation, filled with wonder from the desert landscape and starry nights.

Package includes:

  • Two night stay at Lorri’s home
  • Tours and goodies from Ballroom Marfa and the Chinati Foundation

Suggested Value: Priceless